Does the Culebra and Fajardo ferry get crowded?

During peak seasons December to March, Easter break, and June to August the Culebra and Fajardo ferries can be extremely crowded. There is a phone number to make reservations (787) 863-0705), it can be very difficult (nearly impossible) to reach someone there. The ferry operates daily (weekends and holidays as well) and the cost is $4.50 r/t per person to/from Culebra. Also, please note, there is NO ferry between Culebra and Vieques.


With a confirmed reservation, we will pick you up at the ferry dock when you arrive in Culebra and drop you off again when you are departing. As the ferries normally run on time, but occasionally don?t we ask (and it is VERY important and helpful) that you phone us as your boat is LEAVING the dock (not when you board) in Fajardo.