• Do you serve breakfast?

    The Palmetto has two fully outfitted kitchens where you can prepare your own breakfast with use of stove, microwave, toaster, etc. And upon check in you will also receive a map and information about the local bakery and other breakfast restaurant options. As for the question, do we serve breakfast?[...]

  • Should I bring a suit and tie to Culebra?

    Culebra is a very laid-back type of island. No suits or nylons required. Shorts, T-shirts, flip-flops, and bathing suits are about all you will need. Even dressing up for dinner is quite casual. The only suit you will need is a swim suit!!

  • Does the Culebra and Fajardo ferry get crowded?

    During peak seasons December to March, Easter break, and June to August the Culebra and Fajardo ferries can be extremely crowded. There is a phone number to make reservations (787) 863-0705), it can be very difficult (nearly impossible) to reach someone there. The ferry operates daily (weekends and holidays as[...]

  • Culebra bike rental

    Bikes are available for rent on Culebra Island for $17/per person/per 24-hour period and the Palmetto Guesthouse would be happy to help you arrange bike rentals when you arrive. If you would like to pre-book your bicycles (recommended in peak seasons) you can find contact Dick & Cathie?s Bicycle Rental[...]

  • Air Flamenco price update

    Just an update on Air Flamenco prices – the rate from Isla Grande to Culebra is $63.00 one-way and $126.00 round trip. For reservations, call : 787-724-1105 or 787-721-7332 toll free 1-877-535-2636

  • One Night Stays

    For anyone who has ever traveled to the fantastic island of Culebra, Puerto Rico you know that it requires additional time and effort to reach and it truly is a destination that needs to be savored, experienced and explored. To that end, we strongly, strongly encourage two night stays at[...]

  • Can you horseback ride on Culebra?

    Though you will most likely see horses roaming free or being ridden on Culebra, at this time nobody is doing horseback riding tours. Also, please be very careful if you’re driving or cycling about the island as the little guy in the picture was in the middle of the road[...]

  • Culebra nightlife

    Culebra is a very low-key island. Bar hopping, clubs, and late nights are best left to San Juan. However, Culebra does have a few restaurants and bars where one can find a cold Medalla (the local Puerto Rican beer), mojitos and great conversation! Nightlife generally consists of a few casual[...]

  • Walking to Flamenco Beach

    A frequent question we get here is, “Can you walk to Flamenco Beach from the Palmetto?” And the short answer is, of course you can! There are many days when we run to Flamenco and back. It is about 1.6 miles from Palmetto to Flamenco with one pretty good sized[...]

  • Will it rain during my trip to Culebra Island?

    Culebra weather is pretty much warm and sunny all year long. Although anything is possible, generally the online forecasts call for at least a 30% chance of rain daily. This information is for ALL of Puerto Rico. Additionally, often our weather is quite localized, such that it may rain here[...]